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Golden Mask 3


The Golden Mask 3 is a typical relic and coin hunter, running at 8kHz for best depth of search. This detector can reach great depths, separating securely good targets from trash on all types of ground. GM3 has manual and auto ground balance modes. In auto mode the machine runs with speed priority with speed similar to the GM1, while in manual ground balance mode it reaches maximum depths, even in very tough soils. GM3 has a V.C.O sound frequency modulation audio mode for easy identifying the type of the target. A really professional-grade detector.




Model:Golden Mask 3
Frequency:8 kHz
Ground Balance:manual and auto
Controls:threshold, sensitivity, discrimination level, audio volume, ground balance swith, ground balance tune, audio mode, VCO
Search Mode:motion, one-tone with discrimination and multi-tone VCO
Coils Used:Double D
Battery:1000 mAh NiMH rechargeable accumulator
Battery Life:20 hours
Wireless Headphones:no
Headphones plug:6.35 mm – 1/4″
Weight:1.7kg with 23×25 cm (9×10″) search coil
Warranty Term:5 years – the electronics; 2 years – the bat. charger and the coil


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