Golden Mask Metal Detectors

Golden Mask Metal Detectors

The Golden Mask metal detectors have world recognition, long established, and a highly regarded brand amongst the serious metal detecting community. Recognised for the fact that one of its machines found the legendary 2400 year old golden mask which belonged to a Thracian ruler, located in the Valley of the Thracian kings central Bulgaria. This occurrence has awarded the name of the new series of metal detectors, manufactured by the company.

Over the last ten years, Golden Mask Metal Detectors have become hugely popular, particularly within Europe, America, and North Africa. Golden Mask metal detectors are recognised as reliable, tough, exceptional performance and easy to use, and comfortable. These detectors have been designed and developed by an experienced detectorist who understands what is required out in the field to maximise the conversion of time to finds.

All material used to manufacture the detectors are of the highest quality ensuring longevity, with a five-year warranty on all electronics and two years on all other parts.

The advantage of owning a Golden Mask metal detector is the technology, unlike other detectors which lack depth and recovery speed, the GM’s have a unique electrical system built for deep search performance, they will outperform any other machine even in difficult conditions such as high mineralisation.

Golden Mask engineers continue to improve and develop new detectors so please visit our website often for news of new products.

The Thracian Golden Mask Story

2400 years old mask made of 23.5-carat gold, weighing 672 g. Belonging to King Teres I 450 – 431 BC discovered with the Golden Mask Metal Detector buried at the Valley of the Thracian Kings in Central Bulgaria in August 2004.

The astonishing archaeological unearthing was made by Professor Georgi Kitov with his team of specialist archaeologists. He quoted, “There have been other gold masks discovered, but all of them are made of foil-thin gold. Gold masks with this shape and weight are unknown” As well as the King Teres golden mask, they also excavated many treasured pieces including jewellery, weapons, and ritual vessels.

The Golden Mask is now on show at the National Archaeological Museum in Sofia, the place where the most famous findings from the Thracian period in Bulgaria can be seen. Unfortunately there is little known of the Thracians, we do not know much because Thracians didn’t have their own alphabet so most of the sources that we have are from the Greek period and the Roman period and as you can imagine the Greeks and the Romans were not much in Favour of the Thracians so based on what the Greek and Roman historians wrote and the archaeological findings we can only have a broad picture of the life of the treasures of the Thracian civilizations.

This golden mask is made of solid gold, almost 700 grams of pure gold, what is interesting here is that this mask is actually not just a thin gold leaf as with other masks, but it’s a solid gold mask, it has a high profile and according to Dr. Keaton this mask was used also as a cup to drink wine, you would pour the wine and start drinking, when you finished drinking the wine you would put the mask on your face as part of a religious celebration.