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The Golden Mask 1+ UK edition is a proven metal detector out in the field, easy to use, simple control system which runs at 15kHz for better performance, particularly on high conducting metals, stable when working on very heavily mineralised soils. This detector has the same lightning-fast recovery speed as the original 1+ model, the only difference is the operating frequency. The fixed ground balance is very easy to use – you just turn the machine on and start searching. You adjust only the sensitivity and discrimination levels. The iron is indicated with a low-frequency sound, while the good targets are indicated with a high sound. Great machine at a low price!



Golden Mask 1+ UK Edition is one of our favourite metal detectors, because it is so easy to use it has been a great introduction for many hobbyists wanting to go out detecting and have confidence in their machine. Although there are only three controls on the control box this is not a machine to be misunderstood as it has exceptional performance, it is one of the fastest machines around with lightening recovery speed even in difficult locations like Roman sites which are renown for having lots of iron bits and pieces. With the ground balance setup for UK conditions, it really is a ‘turn on and go’ detector. We have found for best results on most grounds you can set the discrimination low at around 2 and sensitivity high at 7,8 or even 9 for finding those deep targets that most machines will not find. The wireless headphones are outstanding, they let you know with clean crisp signals when a target is below the coil. They are comfortable to use too even after hours of detecting you do not really notice you are wearing them. Battery life both on the detector and headphones is excellent, you can detect all day without worrying about the need to charge the batteries. Having spent countless happy hours detecting with this machine I can, with confidence, highly recommend it to anyone, whether its your first detector or you want to find out why everyone is talking about the Golden Mask metal detectors? If these machines were cars, they would be in the Ferrari class!
Model: Golden Mask 1+ UK
Frequency: 15 kHz
Ground Balance: Fixed
Controls: Sensitivity, Discrimination Level and Sound Volume
Search Mode: Motion, Two-Tone with Discrimination
Coils Used: Double D
Battery: 1000mAh NiMH rechargeable battery
Battery Life: 30 hours
Wireless Headphones: No
Headphones Plug Socket: 1000mAh NiMH Rechargeable Battery
Weight: 1.4kg with Search Coil
Warranty Term: 5 years - the electronics; 2 years - the battery charger and the coil

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WS105 Headphones

WS105 Headphones

1 review for Golden Mask 1+ UK edition

  1. Tina G

    Exceptional value detector, great performance at a low price. I can highly recommend this machine. You will find lots!

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