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Golden Mask One is a entry-level metal detector with LCD screen, with very simple controls, but fully functional and with great performance. The ground balance is fixed, so even a novice could start work immediately with this machine. As every other Golden Mask, the One is also lightning-fast and deep at the same time, thanks to the mixed digital/analogue technology. The LCD screen with Spectrum VDI provides information about the metal type of the detected target. This machine is offered in two versions: 15kHz and 24kHz. The One is delivered without batteries and charger by default, these are optional along with the wireless headphones.

Model: Golden Mask One
Frequency: Single: 8kHz, 15kHz or 24 kHz
Ground Balance: Fixed
Controls: Frequency Shift, Gain, Iron Volume, Sound Volume, LCD Contrast, Back-Light
Search Mode: Motion, One-Tone All Metal, Two-Tone, One Tone with Discrimination
Coils Used: Double D
Battery: Optional AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
Battery Life: Min. 12 Hours
Wireless Headphones: Optional
Headphones plug socket: 6.35 mm - 1/4"
Weight: 1.4 kg with 23x25 cm (9x10") Search Coil
Warranty Term: 5 years - the electronics; 2 years - the battery charger and the coil

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Golden Mask One

15kHz LITE, 15kHz PRO, 24kHz LITE, 24kHz PRO, 8kHz LITE, 8kHz PRO


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