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Viper is a versatile multi-systems metal detector with powerful detection tools and different technologies that meet all needs of any serious prospector or treasure hunter, combines ease of use with complete control of detection settings and results visualization.

Viper incorporates powerful Long-Range locator technology for remote target detection, plus a unique ionic field detection technology best for ancient burials detection, and the brand new Smart Detect technology based on enhanced Pulse Induction technology best for detection of small targets like coins , gold nuggets , jewelry and relics.

Mega Detection offers through Viper a professional-level metal detector with great features at best price tag to fit the needs of wide range of professional prospectors around the world.
Viper brings the possibility of detecting all kind of metal targets through a modern and simplified multilingual graphical user interface that incorporate ease of use, a smooth visual menu system and screens that provides the user with the necessary tools to adjust search systems options and see the results on the device screen through visual indicators accompanied by acoustic feedback.

Device Features

•Viper is a versatile multi-systems metal detector with powerful detection tools and different technologies that meet all needs of any serious prospector or treasure hunter.
•6 Search systems offering all required tools for all metal detection applications
•Powerful detection tools including: I.M.T.U probe and PS36, PS28 search coils.
•Modern design of the device and its accessories made of high-quality materials that combine light weight and beautiful appearance, with ease in installation and disassembly, while providing the best experience of use for the prospector in search fields.
•Brand new long-range locator metal detection technology with enhanced detection performance, wider scan range up to 3000 m and great depth range that reach 50 meters.
•3 Long Range Locator (LRL) sub-systems including: Auto LRL, Manual LRL, CTRL LRL with different options to customize the search process and visual indicators on device screen to get best results.
•Powerful Ionic field detection technology with customizable options to find hard to find treasures.
•Brand new Smart Detect system with two modes via PS36 and PS28 search coils ,a perfect choice for prospectors to find natural gold nuggets, small relics, jewelry, coins and other metal types at small depths.
•5 Inch large size LCD screen for more comfortable experience during settings adjustment and reading or seeing visual indicators that displayed on screen.
•Powerful modern easy to use graphical software program available in 12 international languages, taking into account the latest developments in the field of user experience, enabling easy selection of search systems , adjustment of search settings and selecting search programs, adjusting distance and depth range, and viewing results in visual manner.
•Operated via an external lithium-polymer battery located in a distinctive designed plastic box for better portability and replacement, the battery can be recharged and guarantee a long period of operation time.


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