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Golden Mask 4Pro



Golden Mask 4Pro is a top-of-the-line metal detector. The detector works at 18kHz and thanks of this frequency, it is very sensitive to small metallic objects and low-conducting metals – small coins, tiny jewellery and of course – gold nuggets, of course it won’t miss those bigger objects either! The detector has super-fast recovery speed making it ideal for searching in trashy (lots of iron) areas, especially if paired with a small-size search coil. Thanks to the manual ground balance, the Golden Mask 4Pro detector is easy to use and punches deep for those targets that other machines just can’t reach..


Model: Golden Mask 4Pro
Frequency: 18 kHz
Ground Balance: Manual and Auto
Controls: Sensitivity, Frequency, Discrimination, Threshold, Ground Balance
Search Mode: Motion, Two-Tone, One Tone with Discrimination
Coils Used: 9.5″ Fighter Double D
Battery:1000 mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
Battery Life: 25 Hours
Wireless Headphones: No
Headphones Socket: 6.35 mm – 1/4″
Weight: 1.4kg with Search Coil
Warranty Term: 5 years – on the electronics; 2 years – on the battery charger and the coil


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