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New to detecting or looking for an upgrade?

We present the new inspiring Edge Tec Pro, a high-end specification detector with a low-end price.

Waterproof Search Coil designed for all-terrain detecting.

This is superior metal detection available to all and affordable to all.

A turn-on-and-go detector with auto ground balancing boasts broad discrimination and super-high sensitivity control in an easy-to-use, clear menu layout design.

Get serious with your next detecting outing; the Edge Tec Pro has arrived!

EDGE-TEC PRO Metal Detector

With your EDGE-TEC PRO metal detector, you can search for coins, artifacts, relics, jewellery, gold, and silver just about anywhere including the beach and inland. The detector comes with high sensitivity and good discrimination control. It is versatile, comfortable, and easy to use. With advanced electronics inside the digital readout provides target identification normally seen on very advanced machines.

LCD DISPLAY - Showing DISC/NOTCH Range, SENS level, Battery Condition, TARGET ID, Target Depth, Metal Type.

GOOD PERFORMANCE - Three tone audio discrimination, high, medium, low tone for different type of metal.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Equipped with adjustable stem applicable to different heights for all metal detector enthusiasts. It has an ergonomic design with adjustable armrest and an anti-slip handle that enables you to search in comfort for many hours at a time.

WATERPROOF SEARCH COIL - 240mm/9.44-inch waterproof search coil can be used inland and on the beach in wet or dry conditions and in shallow water (Note: If the detector is used in the rain the control box needs covering with a plastic bag or cover).

SCOPE OF APPLICATION - Suitable for archaeology, exploration, discovery of buried treasures of gold, silver, and metal cultural artifacts.


Edge-Tec Pro Metal Detector

This is going to be a little unboxing and review of the new Edge Tec Pro metal detector supplied by UK Metal Detectors in Cambridgeshire. It is one of those metal detectors where there isn’t much information on YouTube and possibly there may not be anything at all, so I decided I'd do this review. It is a mid-level detector I'd say it's on par with probably anything that you would get from Garrett although it does have some really fantastic features for a detector in this price range and the RRP on this machine is around £200.


Some of the features that it has include, Discrimination 3 option modes, all metal, and Notch, it will display the signal strength of the target, it also has a VDI number indicator which is unusual on something in this price range. Three different tones depending on metal type, and it has a low battery indicator. A high quality 10-inch waterproof search-coil, 10” is unusual, again on a detector in this price range. It operates on two 9-volt batteries so look inside the box for those.

The manual that comes with it is nice and straight forward, it is well written a lot of manuals are difficult to understand but this one has had a professional write it. It comes boxed well like any other detector with the main control housing is in a separate part and you have the control rods and underneath you have the Coil.

Before getting this fully assembled there's a couple things, I wanted to point out here, the upper stem is Aluminium and of course there's an arm retention strap a little stand on the bottom. The lower rod is a Composite stem. The control box has a mounting that's simple to disassemble and reassemble so it'll be great for storage. There are slot compartments for the two 9-volt batteries beneath the control box. On the front faceplate you're going to notice the headphone jack is your standard 1/8-inch headphone.


Okay, let's get ready to do some area testing with the Edge-Tec Pro, I'm going to turn it on and I'm going to turn the discrimination off, I'm going to turn the sensitivity all the way up so this is essentially all metal mode I'm going to try a penny first about six and a half inches, so we'll put the penny on the ground and we get a nice clean signal. Now let’s try a 10 pence, that gives similar signal at around 7 inches. I have a white gold 10 carat ring and that's getting about 7 inches as well, not bad for a mid-level detector, you wouldn't really expect a mid-level detector to go much deeper than that and most people are getting into this if they're doing beach or park searching, they're probably not going to want to dig more than six seven inches, so I'd say that's a successful test. Again, for a mid-level machine it's well priced and has target ID the target ID I have found to be pretty much spot-on as you could expect of any other detector, I mean no detector is going to be a hundred percent on every target, but this is probably as good as anything out there.

Target ID

I am going to attempt to show the VDI number in the display and how that works: -

Modern Penny           = 24-25

Modern 2 pence         = 27-28

5p                                  = 11

Ring-pull                        = 15

1 Pound (out of date) = 20-21

Old Ten Pence             = 13

Small silver Victorian sixpence = 21-22-23

Large George third sixpence = 26-27-28

1900 +1800 Penny  = 22-23

Half penny                = 18-19

Lead bullet                 = 75

Threepence              = 22-23

Two shilling              = 15-16

One shilling               = 13

Roman lead weight  = 16

Roman bronze          = 11


Couple of notches on the Discrimination and an iron rod doesn't read any signal. Now one thing that we do want to note about this detector it does not have a dedicated pinpoint function or pinpoint button, the pinpoint button would normally be on the centre of control box, however, having now got used to this Edge-Tec Pro it doesn’t need a pinpoint button as it’s accurate enough doing a cross sweep with the coil.

This is a great machine; I like it, and it has good build quality too, but the best thing is the overall performance. It is amazing for this price range. If you want to step up from a beginner’s metal detector machine to something with high performance, this is for you!

Please call me if you need to know anything about this machine or for any advice on buying and using a metal detector.


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  1. Gina

    Great value! lots of features and actually finds stuff in the ground. I am hooked on this hobby now. I recommend this to anyone looking to start metal detecting.

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