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The Edge-Power will do exceptionally well for a detecting hobbyist but also a machine that everyone can use and enjoy.  Even though it’s designed for adults, its lightweight frame and simple LCD screen will be easy enough for youngsters to operate.



Super Sensitive Fast Metal Detector

Low Frequency Power: find more gold and silver

Automatic Ground Balance (AGB Technology)

Iron and Hot Rock Elimination

Fully waterproof search coil

Easy to use, Turn on Go!

Price: £299.00 Our price – £227.00!

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EDGE-POWER Metal Detector

Edge Power Metal Detector, a professional machine ideal for serious treasure hunting for coins, artifacts, jewellery, gold, silver, bronze, and copper with an advanced readout on the screen showing metal type and depth indicator. (We recommend all finds that all potential treasure finds are reported to a Finds Liaison Officer (FLO) or contact Portable Antiquities Scheme for more information on what to do.

Great features that set the EDGE-POWER Metal Detector apart from ordinary machines are its ergonomic design and cutting-edge electronics with advanced controls and power adjustment. It boasts a large concentric search head designed to pick out the smallest targets and allows objects to be detected deeper, while the large LCD screen allows quick switching between detection modes. Super-fast processor speeds allow the metal detector to be set up and optimised to any terrain conditions.


  1. EDGE-POWER LCD Display: showing target metal type with an arrow, the depth of target, DISC range, the level of SENS with segment display, operating mode, battery condition, and volume level.
  2. Three Tone Sound: There are 3 distinctive tones (low tone, medium tone, and high tone) for different metal types, making it easier to identify the metal being detected before digging.
  3. Three Operational Modes: ALL METAL, DISC and PINPOINT – 3 operation modes for searching every metal type, ignoring junk metal, and finding valuable items, or pinpointing the accurate location of the target detected.
  4. Headphone Jack: Stereo Headphones (included) with jack plug connecting into the headphone socket, allowing you to operate the metal detector without distraction.
  5. Waterproof Search Coil: Enables you to search metal objects in shallow water. (Please note that the control housing is NOT waterproof)



  1. Material: Metal and ABS
  2. Operating Mode: ALL METAL, DISC, PINPOINT
  3. Tone: Three tones (low, medium, high)
  4. Target ID: LCD Screen
  5. Backlight: YES
  6. Power Supply: 2 X 9V 6F22 battery (Not Included)
  7. Headphone Jack: YES
  8. Control Unit Size: 131 x 92 x 136mm / 5.16 x 3.62 x 5.35in
  9. Search Coil Diameter: 245mm / 9.6in
  10. Adjustable Height of Detector: 1080~1340mm / 42.52~52.76in

Package Size: 54 x 26 x 9.5cm

Package List:

1 x Metal Detector Main Unit

1 x Detection Search Coil

2 x Connecting Adjustable Stem

1 x Armrest Rod

1 x Instruction Manual


3 reviews for EDGE-POWER

  1. Bill M

    For the money this is a very impressive detector, yes I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get started in this hobby.

  2. J.N.B

    I have owned and used many metal detectors over the years and this ranks the best so far, I like how it identifies what’s in the ground and shows how deep it is.

  3. Bob M

    I like this detector and have enjoyed finding some interesting artifacts and coins, it performs well on most ground conditions. I can highly recommend to anyone who is serious about getting into metal detecting.

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