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GDX8000 LCD Handheld Underground Depth Metal Detector Treasure Wire Iron Gold Detecting Tool Tracker For Treasure Search
Metal Detector Features

①Deep detection depth, accurate positioning, strong resolution, simple operation
②It can also be used for cultural relic hunting and coin-operating
③It can detect all metals such as gold, silver, iron, tin, etc., and can penetrate the soil, ceramics, rocks, plastics, cement, wood and other substances covering these metals.
④It can effectively eliminate the mineralization reaction of the earth and has better penetration ability


Metal Detector Parameter

Product: Underground Metal Detector
Model: GDX8000
Detection frequency: 5khz
Ground balance: automatic/manual
Search configuration: six search modes
Metal recognition exclusion: sound numerical value recognition of metal
Weight: 3.9kg
Battery: 72wh lithium battery
Length: adjustable 0.9-1.29 (m)
Probe size: 11 inch disc
Earphone: Wired 3.5mm
Battery life: 8-10 hours
Compatible probe trays: 8-inch tray, 11-inch camouflage tray, 12*15-inch tray, 14-inch tray, 6*11-inch tray, 11*17-inch tray, 18-inch tray

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  1. Torg H

    Best gold detector money can buy! Mine paid for itself already. Good build quality and astounding depth.

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