The most wanted product for the year 2019 in water monitoring.
Discovery capabilities of freshwater reservoirs, saline and natural water. Detection capabilities of wells Artesian. This is the right product for very specific customers, as water seekers are customers from very specific countries. This is not a device for anyone … but anyone who is equipped with this device knows it very well. For a long time our customers have been waiting for the launch of the very sophisticated water system. We wish you the best search and success. Every question and problem we have at our customer service center 24/7.
All Packages Includes:

Main Unit
Control Unit
Wall Charger
6 Antennas
User Manual
Warranty Card
Unique Serial #
Military Case
Car Charger
Anti Fraud Check
Depth Measurment Button


The AKS AQUA device with DDT technology and search capabilities in

LR-TR PRO technology comes with targeted work programs such as ALL,
EPP, PP, TRACKING, LIGHT MODE and many more.
We at aks detectors do not compromise in any way in the planning and
production process. We use the highest quality products in order to
achieve high quality product.
Our company has existed for decades in the field of discovery,
identification of long distances and deep depths.
We have manufactured products for various industries and confidentiality
for the purposes of customer’s requirement to find various purposes
for long distances and deep depths.
Now, we market our product for searching, identifying and discovering
natural water, artesian water, water wells and more. We are very happy that you have
chosen to buy the world’s leading product for these purposes.
After many years of experience in our labs, we have reached a finished
product that focuses mainly on understanding the targeted search, the
fastest and most accurate discovery seen in the world so far. With the
help of 6 targeted antennas and SUPER large antenna, sensors and
advanced processors in the world.