T001 with LCD Screen Metal Detector

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Goldseekers-t001 is a new underground metal detector. It is an ideal detector for detecting gold, silver and other metal objects. Many treasure hunters like to use it to explore treasures. Goldseekers-t001 because of its multi-functional detection mode, many people think it is a convenient object to use. Imported raw materials, stable detection effect and powerful function; Multiple detection modes, large and clear operation panel, humanized design, easy to carry and operate; Upgraded waterproof detection coil design, high sensitivity and strong identification ability.


* LCD - LCD with backlight, which can be used at night, with simple and convenient operation
* Target identification - the detected object is displayed on the LCD display. You can immediately decide whether these objects are worth restoring。
* unnecessary target elimination - you can set the detector not to respond to some objects.
* unique tone of the target - you do not have to watch the LCD display all the time. When an object is detected, a unique tone corresponding to the target will be generated. You can even search with little or no light.
* headphone jack - used for headphone connection. Both stereo and mono headphones can be used.
* volume control - used to adjust the output volume of speakers or headphones.
* battery status indicator - displays the status of the battery in the battery room.
* 6 * 11 inch waterproof search double coil - allows you to use the detector in shallow water.
* it can find larger objects at deeper depths. The coil is waterproof and works well in shallow water.

* Prospecting can explore all kinds of metal minerals, and it is more effective for some high-grade ores, especially for natural gold bullion
* Detection and search
* Archaeology, the discovery of buried metal cultural relics and gold and silver treasures
* Check underground pipes, wires and cables. It is an indispensable tool in construction, tap water decoration, power supply and transformation, urban reconstruction and other operations

1 review for T001 with LCD Screen Metal Detector

  1. Steve

    Great detector I would have given five stars but delivery was a bit slow. Not been out yet but looks a good machine.

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