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Metal Detector – REFLEX G6

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Articles | 0 comments


I was out last Sunday metal detecting on one of my favourite fields near Peterborough with my favourite metal detector – Reflex G6 and had some interesting finds. Conditions were ideal, it was cool, and the ground was damp, the field was ploughed and rolled with the winter barley crop just coming through. When the ground is wet the signals come through much better and even the smallest object will be detected.

Metal Detector - Reflex G6


My first few digs were the usual pieces of Lead and a couple of old buttons which is a sign of occupation, I also picked up some pottery shards laying on the surface which also looked very old, I am no expert on pottery, but you see the way it was made had a course look to it rather than the more refined pottery seen today.

Crop markings
Reflex G6 Metal Detector


I was using the Reflex-G6 metal detector, and it performed extremely well in these conditions, I had it set in auto ground balance and a mid-range setting for discrimination. The field I was detecting on has ‘Hot Rocks’ these were giving a strong signal with the ID indicator showing 87, I dug a couple of them and then got to know the signal and didn’t dig anymore.

Edward I Silver Coin


I kept going and about thirty minutes into the session I got a signal which was good but not perfect, this is very typical of a Hammered Silver Coin, I dug a small hole with my spade and checked the soil, the signal became stronger and clearer, using my Pinpoint Probe I narrowed the search and there it was in the soil, a beautiful Edward I Penny Silver Coin! What a great feeling that is, I gently rubbed the soil away to see the coin which is good condition and a super addition to the collection.

I have been detecting for many years and I still love going out, every trip is different, and you never know what will come to the surface!