Reflex G6

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The REFLEX-G6 is probably the best designed machine tuned for UK soil conditions, comfortable, clear signals, lightning-fast on the targets and around the iron, incredible performance at this price.

With its super-fast recovery speed and 19 kHz this detector virtually sees right through ground mineralisation and trash. Also, easily ground balances to wet sand on the beach.

The G6 is a true all-round detector! It excels at relics, coins, silver, and gold alike. The target separation and recovery speed are unmatched in the field. This is a must buy for the more serious detectorist and anyone looking for a first machine with great performance.

Among the features of the G6 is the iron audio, hunt without discrimination to hear and see every target. It has the ability to lower the volume of the iron without sacrificing depth by raising the discrimination making this machine a top-notch relic detector. The backlit screen is also a nice plus.

In summary, extraordinary performance in both Discrimination & Auto-Tune Modes, a high functioning machine with easy ‘turn-on-and-go’ features to get you started out in the field straight-out-of-the-box.


Stretch Length: 42 – 52 inches
Basic Sensitivity: Silver Shilling (6-12 inches)
Detect depth : Max: 1.5 meters
Search coil : 11 inch DD ,Waterproof , interchangeable
Frequncy : 19.23 KHZ
Indication Modes : LCD & Sound Indicator
Weight: 1.65-1.75 kg
Feature :Earphone Jack, Volume & Sensitivity Adjustment
Ground Balance RangeFrom ferrite to salt water inclusive
Battery Life: Up to 15 hours continuous
Operating Temperature: -10 to +50 Deg.
Operating Humidity Range: 0 to 90% 
Ports: Audio Jack


  • Certification: CE
  • Certification: FCC
  • Certification: RoHS
  • Power Type: Battery-Powered
  • Model Number: G6
  • With LCD Screen Or Not: Yes
  • Sensitivity: 25 cent U.S. coin 14-17 inches
  • Feature: Earphone Jack ,Volume & Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Ground Balance Range: From ferrite to salt water inclusive
  • Indication Modes: LCD & Sound Indicator
  • Frequncy: 19.23 KHZ,crystal control
  • Net weight: 1.65-1.8 kg
  • Package: As the picture shows (Without bag and the headphone )
  • Detection type: Gold, Jewelry, Custom, Relics, Coin, All metal
  • Detection mode: Full metal detection/Disc(Identify different metals)/Pinpoint
  • Search coil: 11 Inch DD ,Waterproof , interchangeable