Searching with a Metal Detector

Our ancestors have been using metal objects for thousands of years and metal has been used for everything from cooking props and cutlery to weapons, money and of course jewellery.

Have you ever wondered where all those objects went? It’s a well-known fact that the landscape is constantly changing and where a primitive village once stood you now find a modern tower block or housing estate. For a Metal Detectorists the land could be ploughed soil or grazing fields.

Metal Detectorist on the beach


Most people who own a metal detector and go out detecting are interested in the historical aspect of this fascinating pastime, searching with a metal detector, to stumble across something that was dropped maybe four or five hundred years ago, feel a connection with the past, and that is what interests us most. It is a hobby that knows no boundaries in terms of age or class, it’s a hobby for all the family.

There are rallies up and down the country where you see families from children as young as three or four through to the grandparents. It is great fun for everyone. Most serious detectorists do not go out looking for treasure, it’s more about finding out the history and letting the future generations benefit from the knowledge gained.

British Museum

Crosby Garrett Helmet

In May 2010 a metal detectorist was searching with a metal detector and discovered dozens of pieces of an 1800-year-old helmet, he brought the fragments into an auction house, and they spent over 200 hours repairing it. It was worth the effort as the finished piece was stunning.

The helmet featured a face mask that displayed a classically beautiful Roman face, the mask was attached to a bronze cap which was topped by a Griffin crest. The helmet is one of only three of a kind discovered in Britain. Interest in the helmet was high and many wanted to buy it. Eventually it sold for 3.6 million dollars.

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Metal Detecting Hobby

The Hobby

Imagine a hobby that gives you a glimpse of how your ancestors once lived, imagine a hobby that allows you to see what is hidden beneath the soil, imagine a hobby that allows you to hold in your hands a piece of history, this is Metal Detecting!

There are many facets to the hobby of metal detecting and the opportunity to enjoy the open air in all weathers, regular exercise, and the chance to mix with like-minded people on a social level, the hobby is open to all members of the family regardless of their age.

Reflex G6 Metal Detector


Museums around the world particularly the British Museum are filled with precious treasures but who knows how many historical relics are still out there waiting to be discovered, with the advancement of modern technology most finds are made by amateurs armed with nothing more than metal detectors, patience, and a thermos flask. Below is an example of a truly inspiring story, someone out with a metal detector.

searching with a metal detector