ThruScan® Walk Through Metal Detector sX-i NOVO


Technical Features:

Ambient Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Operating voltage: 70VAC – 270VAC / 50Hz – 60Hz
Power: 10W Stand By- 20W (Alarm)
Net ­Passage: 74 x 68 x 200 cm
External: 85 x 68 x 220 cm

Package Dimensions (W x L x H):

Box 1: 81 x 235 x 21 cm (65 Kg)
Box 2: 43 х 81 х 27 cm (14 Kg)
Net Weight: 61 Kg
Gross Weight: 79 Kg


Discrimination The Excellent Discrimination ability of the detector allows to easily distinguish between Threat Objects & Non-Threat Objects from the top to the bottom of Walk Through Metal Detection
NIJ 0601.02 Small Threat Objects

Medium Threat Objects

Large Threat Objects


NIJ 0601.03 (Draft version)

MD Class 1 Threat Objects

MD Class 2 Threat Objects

MD Class 3 Threat Objects


meets ECAC

STD1, STD 2 & STD3
  • The NEW ThruScan sX-i is a top quality, high performance Multi-Zone Security Walk Through Metal Detector, meets Internationally accepted Security Standards such as NIJ 601.02 SMALL-MEDIUM-LARGE Objects, CE European Union Norms and is produced under ISO 9001: 2015 QMS. Following are the specification of this product
  • Weather Resistant IP 65 Protection (EN 60529), EN 60068, EN 60950 Class1, Certified in Compliance to EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-1 regulations and in compliance with DIRECTIVE 2002/95/EC.
  • The immunity of the detector to the Environmental Interferences and Environmental Noise makes it suitable to be used in all sort of environments, especially in Military Premises, Courts and Airports.
  • The Excellent Discrimination ability of the detector allows to easily distinguish between Threat Objects and Non-Threat Objects from the top to the bottom of the Walk Through Metal Detector.
  • Due to the Auto Calibration and Auto Configuration feature, it does not need re-calibration when the detector is relocated or new Magnetic Objects brought Near-By.
  • Multi-Zone Detection,
  • 45 sensitivity levels with 300 adjustable sensitivity steps at each, several Sensitivity Program and 20 pre-set Security Programs.
  • User Friendly Interface and Very Easy to Mount and Assemble
  • Eliminating Environmental Interference using AUTOMATIC FREQUENCY SELECTION feature
  • Excellent Reliability and Discrimination Capability, High Efficiency
  • Ferrous / Non-Ferrous, Magnetic /Anti-Magnetic Metals and Mixed Alloys Detected Easily with High Accuracy
  • Fast Scanning from top to bottom and high performance achieved by accurately pointing at the area where metals are detected on the people passing through.
  • Communication capability using Mobile Phone, Tablet or PC through Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 allowing access (through Mobile Network and/or Internet) to settings and statistics from any location all over the world.
  • One device can connect to and control MULTIPLE NUMBER of Walk Through Metal Detectors.
  • 64 x 128 GLCD, Seven digits IN/OUT counter, Metal Density Display by 10-level-VU meter, Green / Red bi-colour traffic LEDs.
  • 60 People per minute passing speed, Speed Detection and warning if the speed is Fast or Slow.
  • 35 Different Alarm Tones, 10 Volume Levels
  • Separate Sensitivity Adjustment for Different Detection Zones, Individual Detection and/or in Combination Detection capability (can be witched ON and OFF).
  • 0-100% adjustable Random Alarm Feature enabling to scan required number of clean visitors.
  • Human Health friendly Very Low Frequency (VLF) technology, No harm caused to Pace Makers, Pregnant and Magnetic Media.
  • Real Time Environmental Magnetic Noise Level Graphical Display and BITE - Built In test Equipment allowing automatic display of failures.
  • Four-digit changeable digital Pin Code and Mechanical Lock.
  • Standard menu language in English, German, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic (Optional Russian, Japanese, Polish, Bulgarian...etc.)
  • Built-in UPS enabling 2 hours operation without mains and Non-Volatile Micro-Processor Memory Settings.
  • Optional REAL-TIME VIDEO PROSECUTION UNIT / FACE RECOGNITION UNIT enabling recording of Alarmed /All Visitors photos or videos.