ThruScan Office Hidden Metal Detector


Technical Features:

Operating voltage:70 VAC – 270VAC / 50Hz – 60Hz
Ambient Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Power: 10W Stand By- 20W (Alarm)
Net Passage: 740x680x2000 mm
External: 850x680x2200 mm

Package Dimensions (W x L x H):

Net Weight: 60 Kg
Gross Weight: 77 Kg
Box 1: 81 x 235 x 21 cm (65 kg)
Box 2: 25 х 80 х 27 cm (12 kg)

ThruScan Office Hidden Metal Detector

Another reason for the request may be to scan people without making them aware of the process. 

For that purpose we have a hidden Walk Through Metal Detector. One person can pass through at a time. 

The detector is fitted to the frame of the door and it looks as it’s a part of the furniture. 

The alarm provider control unit and the buzzer mute system can be placed with the secretary and the 

person who is being protected can be behind the automatically locked door. The secretary can decide to 

either open the door if there is no danger and keep it locked if there is anything suspicious and alarm 

is provided by the detector.