Water Fall


Groundwater is an important resource that is vital for the survival of many living organisms,

as well as for agricultural, industrial, and domestic purposes. However, finding and accessing groundwater

can be a challenge, as it is often hidden beneath the surface of the ground.

This is where Waterfall groundwater detector device comes in handy.

Waterfall from NextLabs is specialized groundwater device use various long-range locator technology to locate, measure, and analyze

groundwater resources, helping professionals and researchers to find and manage these vital resources

more efficiently and effectively.

Whether you are a farmer looking for a reliable source of irrigation water, a geologist studying the hydrological cycle,

or a municipal water utility searching for new sources of water for your community, Waterfall detector device can provide

valuable assistance.

Waterfall Device Features
Waterfall Applications
Irrigation: Farmers and agricultural businesses use groundwater detector devices to locate
and access underground water sources for irrigation purposes. This is especially important in areas

with limited or unreliable surface water sources, as it allows farmers to water their crops consistently

and effectively.

Hydrological studies: Geologists and hydrologists use groundwater detector devices to study the movement,
distribution, and availability of groundwater in different regions. This helps them to understand the hydrological

cycle and the factors that influence groundwater resources, as well as to predict and manage water shortages

and other water-related issues.

Water utilities: Municipal water utilities use groundwater detector devices to locate new sources of water
for their communities. This helps them to ensure an adequate and reliable supply of clean drinking water for their residents.


Search Technology
Waterfall groundwater detector utilizes long-range locating technology to locate groundwater resources

using antennas and a remote sensing probe (SP Sensor).

It works by picking up signals emitted by these targets, analyze these signals, and guide the user to its location

via visual direction system on device screen.

Search Systems
There is one search system in the device with the ability to select some options and settings

that help narrow the search for groundwater sources.

Before starting the search, the user can specify following options through the menus of this system as listed below:

Front Scan Range: can set it in 0 to 2500 m range.
Depth Range: adjustable in 0 to 900 m range.
Water Type: user can choose from following water types:
Natural Water – Salty Water – Sulfur Water

Easy to Use Device Program
Waterfall device program features a graphical user interface that is available in multiple languages

to reach wide range of interested customers worldwide.

The user interface of device program available in following languages:

English, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, and Persian.

The program is very simple and easy to use for all prospectors, with an easy-to-understand visual interface

that enables the user to choose search systems and adjust their various settings, such as choosing distances and depths quickly.
Technical Specification:

2.8-inch touch screen
8 different search languages for example German, English, French, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portages, and Persian
The depth of the device is 750 meters under the ground
The front range is 3000 meter squares
Guaranty 3 years
Delivery is free worldwide

Device Parts and Accessories:

Device main unite
Sp signal transmitter
2 recipient antennae
Electrical charger
Car charger
Lithium-ion battery + 1 extra battery
Protective bag