Blue Diamond


Blue Diamond is a brand new Long-Range diamond and gemstones detector from Next Labs Detectors – Germany

that combines ease of use and simplicity with great performance in finding and locating all types of valuable gemstones

such as emerald, garnet, sapphire, and more in addition to diamond.

Blue Diamond introduces the ultimate gemstone and diamond detector, this powerful device allows you to easily locate

and identify precious gemstones and diamonds hidden beneath the surface.

With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, finding diamonds and gemstones has never been easier,

suitable for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Do not miss this amazing opportunity with Blue Diamond.

Blue Diamond Device Features
Blue Diamond Applications & Uses
Long-range detection of all types of white, blue, and pink diamonds.
Detection of most types of gemstones, for example:
Ruby, Jasper, Opal, Sapphire, Emerald, Garnet…

Search Technology
Blue Diamond gemstone detector device utilizes long-range locating technology to locate buried targets

underground using antennas and a remote sensing probe (SP Sensor).

It works by picking up signals emitted by these targets, analyzing these signals, and guiding the user

to its location via a visual direction system on the device screen.

Search Systems
The user can choose the search system according to the type of targets, and there are two search systems in the device:

1 – Diamonds Search System

In this system, the device performs a long-range scan of the surrounding area in search of the following targets:

White Diamond – Blue Diamond – Pink Diamond

Before starting the search, the user can specify a set of options that help narrow the search scope for more accurate

results such as the target type, the frontal scan range, and the maximum possible depth range through the menus

of this system as listed below:

Front Scan Range: you can set it in the 0 to 3000 m range.
Depth Range: adjustable in 0 to 25 m range.
Target Type: user can choose from the following target types:
White Diamond – Blue Diamond – Pink Diamond

2 – Gemstones Search System
In this case, the device also, similar to the previous system, performs a long-range scan of the surrounding area according to

the presets values explained earlier in search of different types of gemstones.

Users can set the following settings:

Front Scan Range: you can put it in the 0 to 3000 m range.
Depth Range: can set its value in the 0 to 25 m range.
Target Type: can be set from the following target types:
Sapphire, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Lazuli, Tourmaline

Turquoise, Peridot, Alexandrite, Ruby, Jasper, Opal

Easy-to-Use Device Program
Blue Diamond device program features a graphical user interface that is available in multiple languages

to reach broad range of interested prospectors worldwide.

The user interface of the device program is available in the following languages:

English, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, and Persian.

The program is very simple and easy to use for all prospectors, with an easy-to-understand visual interface

that enables the user to choose search systems and adjust their various settings, such as choosing distances and depths quickly.

Technical Specification:

2.8-inch touch screen
8 different search languages for example German, English, French, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portages, and Persian
The depth of the device is 25 meters under the ground
The front range is 3000 meter squares
Guaranty 3 years
Delivery is free worldwide

Device Parts and Accessories:

Device main unite
Sp signal transmitter
2 recipient antennae
Electrical charger
Car charger
Lithium-ion battery + 1 extra battery
Protective bag