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Lander XD100

(3 customer reviews)

£250.00 £189.00

The Lander XD100 is a well-featured underground metal detector with a large LCD display.


  • Power supply: 6*1.5V battery, 9V DC
  • Signal frequency:6.6KHz
  • Net weight: 1.1Kg
  • Packing size: 64*57*47cm, 8pcs/carton


1. Gold or silver treasure hunting.
2. Mining, archaeology prospecting.
3. Detecting pipelines and wires iron, scrap metal recycling. Etc.
4. Customs inspection, safety inspection, public security department inspection.
5. Detecting materials, fuel, metals in foods.

● The backlit LCD display makes it easy to identify the metal in dark or light conditions.

● Target identity – detected objects are shown on the LCD display. You can decide immediately if the objects are worth recovery.

● Unwanted target elimination – detector can be set to ignore certain materials.

● The unique tone for target – you don’t have to keep watching the LCD display, when an object is detected a unique tone corresponding to the target will sound.

● Hidden search coil cable connecting control unit and search coil.

● Easy stem length adjustment.

● Headphone jack provided for headphone connection. Stereo or mono headphones can be used.

● Volume control – for adjusting the output volume to the loudspeaker or headphones.

● Battery condition indicator – shows the conditions of the operating batteries.

● Waterproof search coil – allows the use of the detector in shallow water.

● Armrest and stem designed to eliminate forearms strain.

● Detecting depth: up to 1-3 metres

3 reviews for Lander XD100

  1. James

    Great machine, first time out I found a George III penny! It’s easy to use and picks up a signal for interesting things.
    I would recommend this as a first metal detector.

  2. Jane

    Arrived well packaged. It took a while to understand the different signals but easy once you get into it. Tried it in my garden and got hundreds of signals mostly rubbish but a few good bits too.
    The guys at the shop were very helpful with my queries.

  3. Joe

    very good for the price, not been out yet but seems to be working ok

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